Country Profile
Country’s Name Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao P.D.R)
National Flag
Name of Capital City Vientiane
Number of Population 6.5 millions
National Language Lao
National Religion Buddhism
Life Expectancy
Male: 60 years
Female: 64 years
Literacy Rate 73% (2010)
Percentage of People Living under the Poverty Line 34.7%
Ethnic Minority Groups 49
Total Country’s Area 236,800 sq km
Number of Provinces 17 provinces
Two Seasons: Dry season (November - May)
and Rainy season (June - October)
Education Information

Compulsory Education: 5 years (P1 to P5)

Education Level:
Level of Education Years of Studying Age range of students
Kindergarten 3 3 - 5
Preparatory/Preschool 1 5
Primary 5 6 - 10
Lower Secondary School 4 11 - 14
High School 3 15 - 17
Vocational School 1 - 2  
University (Bachelor’s Degree) 5 - 7  
School Year (Primary and Secondary)
First Semester September - January
Second Semester February - May/June
School Break
First Semester Break One week: 4th week of January
Second Semester Break June/July - August
Enrollment and Dropout Rate
Level Percentage of Enrollment Rate Percentage of Dropout Rate
Primary Education 95.2 7.1
Secondary Education 64.7 10.4
Major Aims
1. An overall improvement of education quality and an improvement of staff recruitment quality, training deployment and teacher retention
2. A significantly strengthened teacher training system
3. Universal primary education completion by 2015
4. Gradual expansions of secondary education
5. Strengthened management of the education sector including significantly strengthening of managerial capacity on the basis of an overall improvement in governance and human resource management
6. Inclusive education enabling equal access to quality education for the disadvantaged population
7. Closer alignment between education and employment including a development of technical and vocational education and training in response to labor market demands and nationwide skills building
Working Areas
Scholarship Program's Achievements
Chart 1 - Accumulative Number of Target Schools
Chart 2 - Accumulative Number of Scholarships
Pictures tell the truth
Students commuting to school in Laos Rural school's classroom in Laos School lunch time in rural Laos  Rural school in Laos Students at rural school in Laos