Present Set for Students

Present Set Project:
The government is doing its best to foster quality education; however, there are not enough resources available to meet this objective.  Currently, especially in rural areas, teachers are inadequately equipped in terms of teaching materials, office supplies, practice tools and classroom-related activities. It is very hard for teachers to teach without handbooks, textbooks, and office equipment. Not only teachers but students are impeded as well: because students lack even the most basic and necessary school supplies, it is functionally impossible for them to learn.

The lack of materials bears relevance tothe  teachers' teaching and students’ learning curve. All children love to receive presents but what about those children who do not know what a present is? Most EDF scholarship students living in the poor rural areas of Thailand and Laos have never had the experience of getting presents. Wouldn’t you want to be the first to put a smile on these children’s faces? Under this project, “presents,” or learning materials/school supplies, will be given to the scholarship students in need.
Present Set Aims: 
1.     The project provides necessary school materials for the children’s education and daily commodities such as supplies for school, lunch box, water bottle, school clothes, shoes, et cetera.
2.     Deliver the presents to the most needy scholarship participants.
3.     To contribute to achieving quality education for students in remote areas.

In Thailand:

EDF-Thai makes the purchase and sends the presents to the school where the recipient is studying with the attached blank postcard to be written and sent back to thank the donor. 

 Items included in Present Set for students in Thailand:

12 Notebooks, Vocabulary notebook, 6 Blue pens, 2 Red pens, 2 Pencils, 3 Pencil refills, Color pencil (24/box), 2 Erasers, 2 Liquid papers, 2 Rulers, Stationary box, Book (The Circle in Time), T-shirt, Towel, Food box, Water canteen, Shoulder bag, and Alarm clock.  

Cost: 80 US$ per set

In Laos:

EDF-Lao makes the purchase and sends the presents to the province educational offices by mail. During monthly meetings, the attendees from each school bring them back to school and give to the recipient. 
Items include in Present Set for students in Laos:

9 Textbooks (Lao Language, Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Science, Population education, Technology, and English), 10 Blue and black pens, Bag, Ruler, 2 Pencils, Food box, Water canteen, T-Shirt, and Sport suit. 

Cost: 80 US$ per set 


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