Teaching Material Support

Teaching Materials and Sports Set:
During the past 10 years of working experience and observation in the education field, it was found that schools and students in the targeted areas are lacking materials to support teaching and learning in the classrooms. It was also determined that there are no extracurricular activities for students to enjoy during school time. These materials shortages include: teaching materials (teaching plan books, textbooks, handbooks, pens, pencils....), sports equipment (football, volleyball, badminton…), and musical tools/instruments, (Khaen, drum, guitar et cetera).

In most rural schools of Thailand and Laos, basic learning materials and sporting equipment are insufficiently provided. These materials and equipment can develop students’ physical, mental, emotional and intellectual self-being.  EDF aims to support the necessary materials to provide students and teachers the quality education and the fun of education they deserve.


Contents of Teaching Material and Sport Set in Thailand 

SET A: Teaching Material Set for Thai Lower Secondary School (Cost: $200USD per set): 46 Books: novels, folk tales, picture books, language learning text books, dictionaries, medical books and reference books.

SET B: Sport Set for Thai Lower Secondary School (Cost: $200USD per set): 6 jumping ropes, 6 hula hoops, 6 flying frisbees, 2 Takraw rattan balls, rattan ball net, 2 footballs, 2 volleyballs, 2 basketballs, 24 table tennis balls, 6 table tennis bats, table tennis net, and weighing scale.

Contents of Teaching Material and Sport Set in Laos 

SET A: Teaching Material Set for Laos Primary School (Cost: $200USD per set): 10 textbooks, 10 teacher handbooks, 20 pens, 12 pencils, notebooks, 5 teaching plan books, 5 permanent markers, 6 boxes of staples, stapler, hard cover notebook, scissors, 2 glue sticks, Global, Set of ruler (4 pieces), and dictionary.

SET B: Teaching Material Set for Laos Lower Secondary School (Cost: $200USD per set): 25 textbooks, dictionary, 20 pens, 12 pencils, 2 teaching plan books, 3 permanent markers, 4 boxes of staples, stapler, hard cover notebook, scissors, square lined paper, globe, and ruler set (4 pieces).

SET C: Sports set for Laos School (Cost: $200USD per set):
2 badminton rackets, 12 shuttlecocks, badminton net, football, volleyball, volleyball net, 2 rattan balls, 2 rattan ball nets, 3 whistles, drum, and jump rope.



How we operate the Thailand and Laos Project:

In Thailand:

EDF-Thai delivers the present sets with an attached blank postcard for the recipient school to write thank you message to the donors.

In Laos:

EDF-Lao delivers the presents to the Provincial Educational Sport and Services (PESS) or District Education Bureau services (DEBS). Teachers then will submit a checklist to EDF to confirm that students or schools have received all materials. Receivers will send thank you letters to donors and lastly DEBS or PESS will send a report to EDF-Lao so that EDF-Lao can pass along the information to Japan to give to their donors.  

Project Outcomes/Expectation:
1.     Students will have more materials for educational development
2.     Schools will have materials for teaching-learning and implementing activities
3.     Schools will implement activities together and share happiness together
4.     Students’ physical, mental, emotional and intellectual talent will be developed 


For more information, please contact:info@edf-international.org