Scholarship Project in Lao

For the 2012-2013 School Year, EDF provided scholarship support valued at $305,890 USD  to 4,706 less fortunate students in Laos

Why Support Students in Laos?
In 2012 it was estimated that there were 6.5 million people in Laos and that ¼ of them live under the poverty line of $1.25 per day. The government's expenditure on education is one of the smallest in the world at 2.8%. 
In Laos, education development is limited due to low government investments, poor school facilities, and an inappropriate curriculum. Teachers are also poorly qualified. Without access to a sufficient foundation in speaking, reading, and writing, a student simply does not have the tools for a successful education or future. To break this cycle, we need to address underlying issues in education. 

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Message from EDF-Laos

Lower Secondary School enrollment rate in Laos is only 56%, and even less in rural remote areas. That is, one out of every two children will not proceed to the Lower Secondary level and thus most children likely will never learn to speak the primary language of the country. 

Having education leads to health and wealth.  Therefore, EDF-Lao exists to serve the people in need of opportunities for education, especially basic education.  Change in life starts with education, and as such we need to invest in education. We want all children to be educated and not have to live life as laborers; have them enrich their future and not have to work for a penny a day. 
Khamhiane Inthava, President, EDF-Laos


Laos Student's Story

Khamhyo, 13 years, Houana Secondary School , Thakek, District, Khammuane Province, Laos

Khamhyo comes from a disadvantaged family and his parents have to find work daily to earn a living. The income of the family is about 380 Kip per month ($47 USD). The family living condition is difficult because they have a big family with little income; also one child is disabled making it more challenging.    

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Tee Ing
What age range of students are we supporting in Laos?


Our Scholarship Target Area in Laos

1.  Khammouane  Province

2.  Savannhakhet Province

3.  Saravanh Province

4.  Sekong Province

What will you get after supporting a scholarship student with EDF?

Support a student at $12 per month or $144 per year and you will receive:

  1. Scholarship student pack sent to you by email (Student’s profile, photos and/or letter (if applicable)
  2. E-newsletter about our work
  3. Also be able to write or send letters/cards to your student (e.g. Birthdays / Christmas)
The 2015 academic year Scholarship Donation Period for students in Laos will last until the end of July 2015.

You will receive your scholarship student pack by October 2015, one month after school in Laos starts its first semester in September 2015.


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