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Khamhyo's Story (Lao)

Khamhyo, 13-year boy,  studying at the Houana Secondary School in Thakek, District, Khammuane Province, Laos. He lives with his parents, Mr. Sitha and Mrs. Pany Khammany, and 5 siblings. His father works while his mother stays at home and takes care of the children.

Khamhyo’s oldest brother, 28 years, dropped out primary school since he was in Grade 3 and now works at a sawmill in Thakhek District. The  second older brother, 23 yrs old, also dropped out primary school since he was in Grade 4 and now is a worker. the third younger brother is 9 years and currently in primary school, Grade 3. Lastly the two youngest brothers ages 6 and 3 are still at home being taken care by their mother.

Khamhyo comes from a disadvantage family and his parents have to work as low-pay unskilled worker to earn a living. The income of the family is about 380.000 Kip per month ($47). The family living condition is difficult because they have a big family with little income; also one child is disabled making it more challenging.    

For Khamhyo’s typical day; Before going to school, he fetches water to washes the dishes, then heads to school. After school he takes care of his younger brothers, cleans the house and waters the garden. His weekend includes finding food in the forest and working in the paddy field for earning. During holidays he works in the paddy fields and help find food for the family.

Khamhyo is still active in school and is diligent in his studies. His favorite subjects are Mathematics, Lao Language and Drawing. His favorite sports are football and rattan ball. During his free time, he likes to read. According to Khamhyo’s teachers, he is a warm person and does well in school. Also his study record is good.

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