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Kon Srey Ra's Story (Cambodia)

Kon Srey Ra, 12-year girl, studying at Seab primary school, Cambodia. She always score good academic result at school.
Srey Ra’s parents are farmers and have four children; she is the third one. Srey Ra’s family owns small rice field ,approximately 0.6 hectars, and the production yield is not even enough to support their daily living. Therefore, all of them have to find any odd jobs to earn more to fulfill daily needs. However, they could still earn only 24,000 Riel (6$) a day which is such small amount for 6people in her family to survive. 

Srey Ra’s father is 36 years old and mother is 51 years old; both of them have poor health due to the lack of nutrition and too much stresses so they could not work efficiently,therefore, their children including Srey Ra have to strive to work for the survival of the whole family.

Srey Ra said that ”my family’s living condition is poor, so,  my elder sister and brother dropped out at incompleted primary school to work as unskilled workers in various kinds such as rice cultivation, harvesting, picking up vegetable and I also work part time to help the family during school holiday and public holiday”.

Srey Ra has a dream to be a teacher to teach poor students in the community and for her better life, but she does not know for sure that her dream will come true due to the poverty. 


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