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Chuop Kunthy's Story (Cambodia)

Choup Kunthy, 13-year girl, studying at Rolus Lower Secondary School, Kampot, Cambodia Her mother  has faced difficulties in earning enough money to buy school uniform and study material for Khunty. Her family does not have own land or rice field. The landlord has allowed her family to stay and plant in his land and give 50 kilograms of rice as wages every 3 or 4 months; Her family has to plant potatoes and vegetables for extra earning to survive and could get only $1.50. Therefore, Kunthy has to find part-time job at the resort area on Sundays and school holidays to earn $1.50  a day.

Kunthy's mother said that ”I have four daughters and Kunthy is the youngest one; my three elder daughters dropped out because of poor living situation of my family and I do not know how long I can support Kunthy’s study, because the schooling cost is such a big burden for me, we have to spend about 62US$ to buy uniform, shoes and study material for Kunthy”. 


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