Country Profile
Country’s Name Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Flag
Name of Capital City Nay Pyi Daw
Number of Population 60.28 Millions
National Language Burmese
National Religion Buddhism
Life Expectancy
Male: 61 years
Female: 67 years
Literacy Rate 89.7% (2005)
Percentage of People Living under the Poverty Line 32% (International Standard) - 2007
Ethnic Minority Groups 135
Total Country’s Area 676,578 sq km
Number of Provinces 14 Provinces (7 States and 7 Divisions)
Seasons/Climate 3 Seasons (Summer, Rainy, and Winter)
Education Information

Compulsory Education: 5 years (P1 to P5)

Education Level:
Level of Education Years of Studying Age range of students
Kindergarten 3 3 - 6
Primary 5 6 - 11
Lower Secondary School 4 11 - 14
High School 2 14 - 16
Vocational School    
University (Bachelor’s Degree) 3 / 4 / 5 17 - 21
School Year (Primary and Secondary)
First Semester June - October
Second Semester November- February
School Break
First Semester Break Middle of October - End of October
Second Semester Break End of February - Beginning of June
Enrollment and Dropout Rate
Level Percentage of Enrollment Rate Percentage of Dropout Rate
Primary Education 99%  
Secondary Education 41% 50% (Unicef)
Major Education Issues & Problems
1. 3 out of 10 children never even start school
2. Shortage of schools, shortage of teachers, teachers not trained
3. Rife with corruption throughout the education hierarchy 4. High rate of the drop-out
5. Shortage of resources such as textbooks, libraries and laboratories
Working Areas
Scholarship Program's Achievements
Chart 1 - Accumulative Number of Target Schools
Year 2012 - 2013
No. of Schools 3
No. of Scholarships 70
Remarks First Year Operation
Chart 2 - Accumulative Number of Scholarships
Academic Year 2012 - 2013
Divided by Grade 6th 70
Divided by Sex Male 36
Female 34
Pictures tell the truth
Rural students in Myanmar commuting to school
Family of rural student in Myanmar  
Rural school in Myanmar  
Classrooom in Myanmar's rural school
Rural students at school in Myanmar