Scholarship Project in Cambodia

For the 2012-2013 School Year, EDF provided scholarship support valued at $101,010 USD to 1,554 less fortunate students in Cambodia

Why Support Students in Cambodia?
In Cambodia, 31.1% of people live under the poverty line of $1.25 USD per day, and 56.6% of the population lives under $2 USD per day. This poverty situation results in over 40% of school-aged children at the lower secondary school level missing their chance to enter school and over 20% dropping out annually.  

The high drop out rate of students seriously affects Cambodia’s economic growth and Cambodian human resources and has consequently exposed underlying weaknesses in the Cambodian economy.  One of which is the lack of skilled manpower. Cambodia's underprivileged, due to the present educational situation, will be victimized if problems in with the current educational system are ignored. 

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Message from EDF-Cambodia
The Education for Development Fund Cambodia has strongly contributed to the development of education in Cambodia via operating scholarship programs to ensure increased education opportunities for students with high academic merit from the poorest and most disadvantaged families.

We have a strong commitment and engage in efforts to intended to extend our scholarship program coverage to as many groups of disadvantaged children as possible; to contribute to the development of education of Cambodia is to help develop our country.
Cheng Chandy, President, EDF-Cambodia


Cambodia Student's Story

Choup Kunthy, 13 years, Rolus Lower Secondary School, Kampot, Cambodia
Her mother  has faced difficulty in finding money to buy school uniforms and study materials for Khunthy. Her family has neither farmland nor personal land. The landowner has allowed her family to remain on the property in order to take care of the land and gives them 50kg of rice every 3 or 4 months as charity; Her family has to plant potatoes and vegetables for extra income to sustain their present living condition and are able to receive only $1.50 for their efforts. As such, Kunthy has to find jobs at the resort area on Sundays and school holidays and is only able to earn $1.50 per day.

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Your donation of $12 a month will change lives of at least one of
these students in need!


Kon Srey Ra

Nhes Ron

Chuk Bun Chhuy
What age range of students are we supporting in Cambodia?


Our Scholarship Target Area in Cambodia

1.  Kampong Chhnang Province
  • Sameakki Menchey District
  • Kampong Tralach District
  • Tuek PhosKampot District
2.  Kampot Province
  • Tuek Chhou District
  • Chhuk District
3.  Takeo Province
  • Samroang District

What will you get after supporting a scholarship student with EDF?

Support a student at $12 per month or $144 per year and you will receive:

  1. Scholarship student pack sent to you by email (Student’s profile, photos and/or letter (if applicable)
  2. E-newsletter about our work
  3. Also be able to write or send letters/cards to your student (e.g. Birthdays / Christmas)
The 2015 academic year Scholarship Donation Period for students in Cambodia will last until the end of July 2015.

You will receive your scholarship student pack by November 2015, one month after school in Cambodia starts its first semester in October 2015.




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$12 Monthly / a student
$36 Every 3 months / a student
$144 One-off / a student

* In the case of monthly or 3-month donation, EDF International Foundation will send you a donation invoice to your given email address when the payment is due.

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