EDF International Foundation was established and officially registered as a Non Profit Charity with the Ministry of Interior of Thailand in 1996 (Registration No. Kor. Tor. 605). In 2012, We have assembled together 5 Educational Non Profit Organizations based in Asia’s Great Mekong Sub Region (GMS); EDF-Thailand (since 1987), EDF-Laos (Since 1997), EDF-Cambodia (Since 2007), EDF-Vietnam (Since 2012) and EDF-Myanmar (Since 2012) sharing the mutual ultimate goal to promote education development and access to at least basic education for less fortunate children in the GMS regardless of their difference in genders, races, nationalities, cultural beliefs, religions or historical backgrounds.
Our main mission is to effectively administer the EDF Scholarship Program to provide educational opportunities to as many disadvantaged youths as possible so as to fulfill their wishes to have better futures through realizing their educational goals. From 1988-2013, our program has helped almost 400,000 students in 5 GMS countries with scholarship support to attend their primary and secondary education to effect better quality of life. This could not have happened without the continued support from philanthropists and caring people who realize the importance of education support especially for those less fortunate.
Our charitable activities also include various education-related development projects such as building schools, establishing libraries, heath education promotion, teacher training, school development projects and many more with the focused, dedicated and continuous aim of making a positive and sustainable impact.
Poverty is still the major barrier excluding millions of children in this part of the world from the education system, which makes them unable to be self-reliant and to escape from the vicious cycle of generational poverty.