Scholarship Project in Myanmar

For the 2012-2013 School Year, EDF provided scholarship support valued at $4,550 USD to 70 less fortunate students in Myanmar

Why Support Students in Myanmar?

It is reported that 26.6 percent of Myanmar’s population currently lives under the poverty line (20.7 percent for urban areas, 28.4 percent for rural areas). The poverty gap ratio was 6.8 percentage points. But in reality the poverty rate is far greater than the figures indicate.

The children of urban/rural poor are constantly forced to drop out of school to support the immediate needs of their families. As a result of their lack of education, opportunities for employment are missed and some are forced to migrate to big cities or to neighboring countries in search of employment. They have to work as unskilled laborers to support their poor families. Myanmar needs urgent support to help underprivileged children from falling into the vicious cycle of poverty that not only affects them, but also to their families and their communities as a whole as well. Helping them to pursue an education will certainly improve their lives and save them from falling prey to human traffickers and the vicious cycle of poverty
Message from EDF-Myanamar

We view education as a basic human need, an integral part of the quality of life, a support for moral and social values, and an instrument for economic productivity. Education support or “Pyinyar Darna”, according to Buddhist philosophy, is one of the best ways to help the needy or the so called “have-nots”.

We need continuous support from the “haves” to foster those “have-nots” so they may be self-reliant and gradually escape from the vicious cycle of poverty that currently traps them. To achieve this vision, EDF- Myanmar came into existence this year, in order  to develop the scholarship program continuously and to cover as many groups of these less fortunate children of the have-nots” as possible.
U Nyi Nyi, Managing Director, EDF-Myanmar


Myanmar Student' s Story

Ju Ju, 13 years, Aye Ywar Lay Post Primary School, Htantapin District, Yangon Province

Ju Ju helps her mother to sell snacks after school hours and complete household chores. She has to struggle very hard to study at school compared to well off students but she is willing to study regularly.

More Stories from Myanmar

Your donation of $12 a month will change lives of at least one of
these students in need!


Thet Oo

Khin Sandar Thaw

Muang San Win
What age range of students are we supporting in Myanmar?


Our Scholarship Target Area in Myanmar

1.  Htantapin District, Yangon Province

What will you get after supporting a scholarship student with EDF?

Support a student at $12 per month or $144 per year and you will receive:

  1. Scholarship student pack sent to you by email (Student’s profile, photos and/or letter (if applicable)
  2. E-newsletter about our work
  3. Also be able to write or send letters/cards to your student (e.g. Birthdays / Christmas)
The 2015 academic year Scholarship Donation Period for students in Myanmar will last until the end of May 2015.

You will receive your scholarship student pack by July 2015, one month after school in Myanmar starts its first semester in June 2015.




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$12 Monthly / a student
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$144 One-off / a student

* In the case of monthly or 3-month donation, EDF International Foundation will send you a donation invoice to your given email address when the payment is due.

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