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Ju Ju's Story (Myanmar)

Ju Ju, 13-year girl,  currently studying at Aye Ywar Lay Post Primary School, Htantapin Township, Yangon Division, Myanmar. She has two siblings; elder brother and the younger brother. She is living with her parents and her brothers in a small house. Her father Mr. Thein Htike, 40 years, who is a beetle vendor and earns 1500 kyats daily. Her mother Ms. Aye Aye, 43 years, sells snacks and earns 1500 kyats also. Daily income of their family is approximately 3,000 kyats which is $3.5 only. Income per month is less than $100. Her father had a mild stroke two years ago and has to go to hospital or private clinics every week.

Ju Ju helps her mother to sell snacks after school and do the household chores. She has to struggle very hard to continue studying at school, but she is willing to study regularly. She dreams that she will one day attend University and have a decent job to look after her parents.

Her father, although his health is not in a good condition said -” I will support my 3 children’s education as much as I could and one day, see them as graduates from any University and have decent jobs”.

When asked about the amount they have to spent for their 3 kid’s education Mr. Maung Maung Sann replied “Private tution alone after school hours for the 3 kids costs them 30,000 kyats ($35) a month, excluding the other expenses.” He added “Just imagine how much we have to, and the poor people have to struggle to send our and their children to school”.


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