Hearing their Voices
Voices from Roangchak Simoang Junior High School (Cambodia)

Dawn of Hope
School: Roangchak Simoang Junior High School
Writer: Mr. Hang Muniroth (Teacher in-charge) 

After civil war, which was lasted for over 3 decades, Cambodia's government integrated all forces to ensure peace and stability throughout Cambodia, but Voarl Mountain, which located at Kampot province, south-west region of Cambodia was the last integration area, this factor has seriously impacted the living situation and education. Roangchak Simoang Lower Secondary School was one of schools that seriously impacted from war. School, even has been enhanced education quality more better, but education situation in this area still faces with many barriers such as poverty, parents' perception, student’s feeling, and teaching equipment and so on. 

Talking about parent's perception and student’s feeling, it refers to some parents do not want to send their children to school and some students have poor commitment in their study because of their families’ living condition; their living condition has based on small scale cultivation, plantation and animal raising with low income. 

In reality, Ron Kakada, 16 years old schoolboy at grade 8th, was born in Damnak Trach village, Kandol commune, Tuek Chhou district, Kampot province; his parent has migrated to Thailand leaving him and two siblings, younger brother and sister, living aunt and uncle who are also poor. Kakada and siblings have lived with very bad living condition and he has struggled to go to school locates where 11 km from his home; he comes to school every day unless he is busy with her aunt to do cultivation at rice field, find vine and so on for sale to support family living. 

Kakada, fortunately at one day while walking with his old bicycle into school with body full of sweat, was identified by EDF-Cambodia and was interviewed about his study and family situation and he was selected for scholarship. Kakada and his aunt and uncle were very happy after receiving scholarship as uniform and study material. 

Kakada, during scholarship awarding ceremony, expressed that I feel affectionate to get support from the EDF-Cambodia, especially Japanese aunt and uncle who rescued me from difficulty and encourage me to study to achieve my aspiration and dream. I decide to study until to complete level of education and get training skill so that to improve my family’s living condition. I, on behalf of scholars, would like to express my deep gratitude and thanks to all donors. 

EDF scholarship program really is helping poor students and encourage them to achieve their aspiration and dream; it strongly reduces the dropout rate and increases enrolment. Kakada, after receiving scholarship, felt courageous to study; he scored 3rd rank among 50 students in his class; principal and teachers have evaluated that study of students who have received scholarship is better that those who have not get scholarship. 

EDF Scholarship is the best scholarship that supports schools to achieve the education goal “Education for All” in 2015. We, teachers, principals and parents, would like EDF-Cambodia to continue scholarship program in this region, because students face with difficulties such bas study material, uniform due to poverty; EDF Scholarship support is the dawn of students' hope. 

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