Hearing their Voices
Voices from an Huay Sai thung Mon School (Thailand)

Mrs. Somsub Chaiphromma
Teacher in charge of EDF Scholarship, Ban Huay Sai thung Mon School, Lahanna, Sub-district, Waeng Noi District, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand
Years of being teachers: 29 years
Years of being teacher in charge of EDF scholarship: 5 years
EDF scholarship is the true giving spirit because EDF and its donors do not want anything in return from the scholarship recipients except hoping them to be educated and self-reliance.  For many years working as teacher in charge of EDF Scholarship Program in the school, I realized that the scholarship fund is greatly helpful for the students in need, help lessen poor parents’ burden in affording school related expenses that Thai government education subsidy is not covered.
The scholarship also widens the opportunity to the students to step up to their higher education and make them study harder. I always emphasize to my students that “EDF scholarship is an Global scholarship program and it is not easy to pass the selection criteria to get the scholarship, therefore, so, all of scholarship recipients have to study hard and being a good students.
One impression that I have with EDF scholarship program is the kind-hearted and good will of EDF donor who has supported 4 of my students from Grade7-9 and this year they are all entered their 12th grade with continuing support from the same donor through EDF. The donor also plans to further support these 4 girls until they complete Bachelor degree. Even now all 4 girls are studying in the different schools that I am not working but I am still working closely with EDF in monitoring and being a medium in contacting with the students and follow up their studying. I am honored to help connecting the children in need with the caring people who would like to support them.
Thai less fortunate children at the present always aim higher for better quality of lives, better employment option and fight for a better future, but only thing is they are lacking of support in order to make their dream comes true. And EDF could help fulfill this gap of lacking.
For my point of view, EDF and its donors are not only the funder or supporter to help support the education scholarship to these less fortunate children, but you are like their second parents who enlighten their hope, guide them and fulfill their dream of better future.

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